Meet Our New Intern!

feb1Barbara Spears SNJM is no stranger to UNANIMA! In preparation for serving on the board later this year, she has already been to a board meeting, and has heard the story of UNANIMA for years through her Community Leader (former UI Director Catherine Ferguson). She also brings a doctorate in Educational Leadership and 40 years’ experience as a seasoned leader, including 10 years as Superintendent of Schools of Urban Schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, in which she supervised all levels of Catholic schools. She has a passion for justice, coming most recently from volunteer service as a Victim Assistant helping abused persons through the State of Maryland court system.

Her special areas of interest include anti-trafficking, women’s issues, poverty, and the Post-2015 UN Agenda. This internship will be useful to her as she carries out her role as head of her congregation’s NGO for the US-Ontario Province, especially networking with other NGOs. Barbara has already found her niche in our UNANIMA space, and her head is buzzing with UN language!