Leave No One Behind

Think, Decide and Act Together Against Extreme Poverty. This was the theme of this year’s celebration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on October 17. The keynote speakers were people living in poverty, who felt privileged to have their voices heard, especially by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon himself. He affirmed the theme, saying “On this day, we recommit to think, decide and act together against extreme poverty,” and also noted the UN’s response in dealing with the Ebola crisis.

Videos featured interviews with people from Developing Countries. One was a Filipino family whose house was hanging under a bridge, representing the millions of Filipino families in dire need of decent housing, Filipinos who cannot afford a $4 monthly rental if they are to feed their families. They are exposed to unhealthy environments, diseases and danger when the Pasig River surges high, and cannot tell whether it was an earthquake or a passing cargo van that made their house shake.


Seeing and hearing the experience of poverty of people from other countries made me think globally. I concluded that being members of UNANIMA and our involvement with the UN NGO committees are proof that we are aiming to Think, Decide and Act GLOBALLY together against Extreme Poverty.                   –by Judith Padasas CCV