Kenyan youth denounce demand

Jessica Chen and Tyler Donohoe had excitement in their voices as they described their experiences facilitating a youth workshop for the UNANIMA International, STOP THE DEMAND for trafficking in women and children campaign in Nairobi, Kenya. Jessica, the UI programme coordinator and Tyler, a participant in the 2010 youth workshop in New York, worked with 26 Kenyan Youth to raise awareness regarding the demand side of trafficking and to facilitate their design of a campaign project for other youth in Nairobi.

At the end of the session, the youth declared their commitment:

We, the youth of St. Joseph’s Parish in Jericho, and other friends from the workshop….

We reject the sexualized commercial culture that has consumed our society, particularly the youth….

We condemn pornography as a means in which women’s bodies are exploited for the sexual gratification of men, more often than not accompanied by verbal and physical abuse, racism, and other forms of degradation and discrimination….

We denounce prostitution as a form of violence against women; it is not a victimless crime….

Together, we recognize sexualized commercial culture, pornography, and prostitution as drivers of the demand for human trafficking. Without demand for sexual services, there would be no supply of women and girls for the purposes of sexual exploitation. We urge others to join our campaign to spread this message and take action against these vices.