Kenya Update

This project developed as an outcome of the UNANIMA International Youth Workshop to stop the demand for trafficking in women and children. It continues as a program designed to raise awareness in young people, under the able leadership of Radek  Malinowski. Here’s a picture of one of the study groups, and a poem (“Broken Trust”) written by a young girl trying to imagine what it feel like to be a trafficked person:


We grew up together, we were more than friends.
We were like sisters, we shared everything
We would laugh on our way to the market
How I missed the old days?
Oh! Mama I had a wonderful friend.

Our trust was great, the envy of many
I trusted you, what was mine was yours
I even entrusted you with my two kids,
You promised to love them and bring them up as your own.
Mama was it all a lie?

I remember that day you came to my homestead
With promises of better future, and good education
I gave you my sources of inspiration, and strength
My reasons of fighting back the cruel world
Mama your only grandchildren.

All my daughter ever wanted was to be a nurse,
It pains me to remember she was a smart kid with a smiling face.
And know all see is a traumatized girl, sickly awaiting her death
I hear you turned her into a prostitute and deprived of her rights
Mama was I that gullible and blind?

My son would do anything just to be a teacher
The handsome, charming kid is no more
His a mere shadow of himself, am told you introduced him to drugs
That sucked him and emasculated him to nothingness
Mama is there no humanity in today’s world?

If tears would make my daughter well and bring back my son’s sanity
Then I would cry an ocean for them
Where is the bright future and good education you promised us?
Where are my two lovely kids that I entrusted to you?
Oh! Mama whom shall I blame