Kenya Project at the UN

For ten years our NGO has done significant educational work around the theme of trafficking, in several countries. Last year, UNANIMA International sponsored a project in Nairobi, which brought together a group of young people for some training sessions/ workshops on trafficking and on how to stop the demand. Then the youth went out and taught over 300 other young people what they had learned. We are repeating the project this year, and are bringing three people to give a side event at the UN, for the Commission on the Status of Women (Friday March 8 at 10:30—pray for their success!)  Here are the panelists:

-Caroline Warimu (Coordinator) will give a background introduction about the situation in Kenya / east Africa, discuss factors that promote trafficking, and describe the project.

-Radoslaw Malinowski (Administrator) works with an anti-trafficking NGO in East Africa, called HAART. He will share some case studies on human trafficking and its impact on young people, and talk about how to reduce trafficking by targeting demand.

-Winnie Nduku Muteva (a young woman who participated in the workshop last year) will talk about her personal experiences.