Internships—Plan NOW!

It’s not too early to plan for an UNANIMA Internship, for anywhere from 1-3 months. Remember that we find you a good place to live and pay most of your expenses, except for travel to and from New York. The deadline for the mid-September through December experience is July 15, and the deadline for the mid-January through April experience is November 15. The Board is considering other possible “shapes” for internships, but one thing we all (including the Board and all the other interns we’ve had) agree on is this: to get the most out of the experience, the intern should have a working knowledge of English, and the ability to walk several blocks each day. All our former interns have agreed on another thing—the experience transformed their lives.

If you have questions, or are interested in applying, call (212 370-0075), or e-mail [email protected] for a conversation and/or application form.