International Women’s Day at CSW

In New York City, dozens of women (including Sion sister Sylvia Obrigewitsch NDS below) marked International Women’s Day by rallying outside the Honduras Mission to the United Nations to1 demand justice for the murder of Honduran environmental activist Berta Cáceres. She was gunned down in her home last week, less than a year after she won the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize. The activists also demanded the release of Gustavo Castro Soto, another well-known environmental campaigner from Mexico, 2who witnessed the shooting and was shot twice. Just days ago, Nelson Garcia, another leader in Berta’s organization, was killed. In response, the Finnish and Dutch co-financiers of the controversial dam project have pulled out, but more than 40 more dam projects are planned. Large groups of indigenous and black Hondurans organizations are mobilizing in protest.