International Day of the Girl a Success!

If you’ve been following our updates, you’ll remember that the Working Group on Girls has had a busy few months hosting the International Day of the Girl Speak Out at the UN, and many other girls’ rights activities. All were huge successes!


On October 2nd, UNANIMA hosted a social media campaign on rethinking media to raise awareness about sexism and stereotyping, and how it affects girls. Dozens from around the world joined the conversation with great creative insight. This campaign was part of the 11 Days of Action, throughout which various organizations sponsored days centered on empowering girls everywhere to achieve their full potential and human rights. We’re honored to have been included among such great company!


October 9th was the Speak Out at the UN, organized by the Working Group on Girls and co-sponsored by the missions of Canada, Peru and Turkey. Girls from around the world sent monologues, 2songs, poems, and art detailing the struggles they face as girls today, and what they would like to see change (in their lives, in their communities, and in the world). At the UN, these submissions became a performance, done by local high school girls, that was intelligent, fun, critical, and displayed incredible talent. You can watch the UN webcast of the Speak Out here:


Though the International Day of the Girl has passed this year, there are lots of ways to stay active with girls’ rights all the time! One such way is to listen to girls, trust their voice, and empower them. You can do that by watching, and sharing, this short video produced by the Working Group on Girls that features girls from around the world discussing the change they need in their communities over the next 15 years: