Intern Reflections

UNANIMA was lucky to have two excellent helpers for a while this summer. Intern Nonata Bezerra SND (left) and 3volunteer Alex (Jennie) Satterfield (right), a student from Brescia University are shown here with Executive Assistant Tori Larson (center). Here they reflect on their time with us: 

Nonata felt very welcomed by the entire NGO community at the UN, and by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, with whom she lived in New York. She said that her time with UI showed her the importance of belonging to an NGO which acts in defense of those living in poverty, and illustrated the value of working in partnership with other NGOs, committees, civil society organizations and others for a single cause: to build a better, more just, and more humane world. Her internship also taught her the value of the unique feminine spirit that UNANIMA brings to the UN. She saw how UI is active across many committees and working groups, and often is integral to their influence and reputation.

One of her most important activities was participating in the Permanent Forum of Indigenous Peoples, (theme: conflict, peace, and resolution). There, she saw clearly how the focus of her Congregation, the Sisters of Notre Dame (on women, children, and elderly persons, immigration and human trafficking, and the integrity of creation) is very interconnected with UNANIMA’s focus, and with many UN commissions and meetings. She was able to draw connections between the different organizations and UN meetings, understanding the integration of Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation. She reflected that she is very grateful that her Congregation is a part of UNANIMA, and for her time spent in New York—learning the impressive cultural diversity and cultural riches the city has to offer.                                                 –Nonata Bezerra

Alex: My internship with UNANIMA International has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Just learning that I have easy access to the information and meetings held by the UN every day completely changes my approach in my own civic engagement. I have learned more than I thought possible about my personal subject of interest, which is trafficking, but I have also been exposed to so many more issues and opportunities that I was unfamiliar with until now. The employees at UNANIMA have been more than supportive and taught me about the various cultures and backgrounds they come from to form a united front and fight global issues. The mission of this NGO is truly noble and I am honored to have been a part of it for this short time. I have learned the language of the UN, which provides a foundation for me to expand upon as I continue working toward my own career. I have also met some of the most inspiring people and learned of many more opportunities for me to eventually take my job in the field of law and apply it to fighting trafficking.”

“With everything that has occurred on a global scale these past few weeks, I cannot imagine a better time for me to have been here and working within the UN. The world is becoming a scary place, but UNANIMA’s work has inspired me to continue to look for the good in everyone and make sure no one is excluded or left behind. I want to thank everyone involved in making this happen for me and I truly hope I can continue to work with you in the near future.”                                                –Alex Satterfield