Human Rights Review in Haiti

Next year Haiti is one of the countries scheduled for its Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in October/November 2016. This process, which looks at how a country upholds the human rights of its citizens, occurs at the UN headquarters in Geneva. Some of our NGOs are going to begin meeting late in November of this year to explore a possible strategy to get the facts from our members “on the ground” in Haiti. The written submission for the UPR is due in March 2016. If any of our readers are able to suggest which issues or concerns are a priority for your members, let us hear from you. We are especially interested in looking at the right to water / sanitation, mining and gender-based human rights issues, though we are anxious to hear all your concerns. Here are some links to information about the UPR:  (all 7 UN languages)   (English, French, Spanish)