High School participants

During the last two weeks in May, UNANIMA International was privileged to host two seniors from Holy Child High School in Rye, New York.  These are a view of their impressions at the end of the first week of their time with UNANIMA:

Mariel Delgado:

For my Senior Independent project, I was gladly welcomed to work for the NGO UNANIMA … With UNANIMA I have been lucky to attend different conferences at the United Nations headquarters based on the importance of water, the rights of indigenous peoples and the horrifying issue of hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking”. Throughout these conferences, I have been opened to both global and national problems that I was previously unaware of…(I)t made me realize how the media excludes important topics that can threaten humanity and the quality of life. Also, knowing that these problems do exist furthers my want to major in International Relations during my college career….

Becky Mulqueen:

For my Senior Independent Project I knew that I wanted to work with an NGO or an organization related to the United Nations that would hopefully link to my interest in Public Health.  UNANIMA was beyond anything I could have hoped for because it has a close relationship with the UN and I was able to attend the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.  Before the forum, I was not even sure who indigenous people were, let alone the challenges that over 370 million of them face daily. …  My internship with UNANIMAhas showed me how an NGO operates and the passion that UNANIMA has for making a difference is inspiring to me…

The complete text of their comments can be found by clicking here.