Happy Birthday, UN!

The sixteen-month celebration will culminate on 24 October 2015, the day the UN Charter became a reality—the day now celebrated as UN Day. One of the most famous quotations about humanity’s need for the UN was from Dag Hammarskjöld, who reminded us that “the United Nations was not created to bring us to heaven, but in order to save us from hell.” Saving the world from hell, in particular the hell of a nuclear holocaust, was no small ambition during the Cold War when this threat seemed to be ever-present…What would you cite as the main role of the UN today? According to the UN Secretary-General, “Our goal is to put people at the center and to protect our one and only planet. Our duty is to end poverty, leave no one behind and build lives of dignity for all.”

 aug 1Join us in support of the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations