Global Forum on Migration and Development

The NGO committee on Migration has been gearing up for the annual Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD), which will be held in Geneva, Switzerland this year, December 1 – 2. Since its first forum in 2007, the GFMD has been promoting effective partnerships between governments, international organizations, and civil society through informal dialogues.

A task force of the NGO Committee on Migration, has been examining the four themes to be discussed this year: 1. Helping migrant workers and families through rights-based policy making, 2. Improving protection of migrants moving or working in irregular circumstances,  3. Re-imagining labour mobility, and 4. Investing in development alternatives to migration. The task force whose members include UNANIMA interns Beth Stroerten and  Sr. Shiroma, hopes to engender new conversations and avenues of thought through its recommendations. Some of these recommendations include: to encourage states to sign on to human rights conventions to create, implement, and monitor policies respecting the rights of all migrant workers and families; to require education and training programs for law enforcement agents and member courts on migrants’ rights and due process; to examine licensing of recruiters; and to tighten oversight of reporting requirements.