• 6 7Two Carmelite Sisters of Charity of Vedruna sisters, Nisha (shown here) from the Indian Province and Teo from the African province, are in Chad to accompany the Sudanese refugees who have fled the conflict in their home country, as they have had a commitment with the JRS for many years.In February they sent word that the Boko Haram was at Lake Chad on the Niger side…very close to the camps. They ask prayers for the women and children in the camp…as their lives are now in great danger. ( May we all renew our promise to live as people of nonviolence and care in a world so desperate for hope and peace.
  • The Sisters of the Assumption in Brazil are already rallying with other Congregations in view of the 2016 Summer Olympics set to take place in Brazil. They remain deeply committed to raising awareness and doing what they can to stop trafficking and to promote the rights and dignity of women and children. The SASV’s in Quebec are actively involved in CATHII (Action Committee Against Human Trafficking) and engaged in their support of new legislation protecting women and all those exploited in the sex trade. The sisters are kept informed as to related events, deliberations and any new decisions taken by the Canadian government regarding this issue.
  • A school run by the Religious of Jesus and Mary located in Ranaghat, West Bengal, was broken into last month, and one of their elderly sisters was raped. Since then, Christian, Hindu, and Muslim protestors have rallied in opposition to the violence. The Archdiocese of Kolkata (Calcutta) held a large rally whose participants gathered to protest the crime and call for an end to the “rape culture” in India. Catholic Bishop Gomes, who participated in a candlelight procession as part of the rally, visited sister in the hospital, and said that she had forgiven her attackers. But thousands of people of all faiths are urging India’s government to do more to protect the country’s Christian minority and to end violence against women.