•Do you want a resource for faith communities interested in climate change? There is a wonderful new 36 page booklet featuring a four-session process from the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center. You can find a sample session and an order form on the website at

•The National Secretariat for Social Action of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines is responding to Pope Francis’ call to end human trafficking by inviting justice/peace and human rights network partners, especially youth ministries, to join the “Sounds, Strokes and Scribbles of the Soul to Fight Human Trafficking” organized by the Philippine Inter-faith Movement Against Human Trafficking (PIMAHT) There will be an essay writing contest (the “Scribbles”), a poster making contest (the “Strokes”) and a culminating choral festival (the “Sounds”) on December 6 2014. Topic of the contests is: “My Battle Against Human Trafficking.” What a clever idea!

•In September 2013, former UNANIMA intern Carol Regan SUSC, joined the staff of the Religious Formation Conference as Associate Director in Washington, DC. The Conference, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, supports the initial and lifelong formation of men and women religious for life and mission in North America and beyond.” She is also active in a local coalition that educates and advocates against human trafficking; the coalition is comprised of lay women and women in religious congregations; some of which are UNANIMA members, among them the Carmelites of Vedruna and the Sisters of the Holy Names.

•Helen RSC sent greetings from Nigeria. (She attended the UNANIMA International Youth Anti-Trafficking Workshop in Ghana). Her community is still working to reduce the poverty that encourages trafficking. She has just returned from the Benin Republic where she went for agricultural training, which she is now using to train rural farmers. They ask prayers that the rain will stop washing away their homes!

•The Academy of the Holy Names Sisters in Albany, New York hosted a workshop on trafficking in mid-October, for which Michele Morek OSU was the keynote speaker. An event that stimulated intense local interest was a recent murder of a family of four people, related to a Chinese labor trafficking ring. For more information see this link: