• Sisters Louise Cleary CSB and Maureen Foltz CCV stopped by in August, and they both brought a breath of fresh air and a burst of energy into the office. We love having our member community representatives stop by!
  •  The Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are working in El Paso, Texas, on the US-Mexico border–helping with the flood of refugees that is overwhelming the US immigration system. Sister Marietta ACJ reports on stories of violence and murder; forced detention and deportation; and stories of confused and fearful migrant families—some of whom get separated by accident or by deportation. The situation seems to be getting worse instead of better. Some of the sisters are working in the welcome centers, which are inadequate in number and staffed mostly by volunteers (many of whom do not speak Spanish), and often in a controlled state of chaos. But when the sisters are in charge, the centers welcome and comfort the immigrants, and provide them with supplies for showers and a change of clothing. They arrange for travel to other parts of the country, and for transportation to the bus or plane. Finally they see their guests off with another change of clean clothes and a “care package” of food for the journey. There are hugs and smiles all around, and their clients leave feeling welcomed and treated as individuals.
  • Once the families seeking asylum get across the border, many congregations are helping them in their cities of destination. The Sisters of Bon Secours are part of Women’s Asylee Enterprise (AWE) in Baltimore, Maryland, which provides housing for migrants seeking asylum in the US. The organization also provides counseling and legal assistance, and supports projects that allow both women and men refugees to sell hand-crafted goods as a means of income.