• News from São Luis, the capital of Maranhão, Brazil’s poorest state: in this major port city the Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin (SASV) live their mission in solidarity with the local community 7and in support of social pastoral movements and other networks including “Justice on the Rails.” This international organization confronts the socio-environmental injustices resulting from the activities of Vale, one of the world’s largest multinational mining corporations. The mining industry has had a devastating effect on the agriculture, water supply, fishing industry, land. and livelihood of the Brazilian people.  Justice on the Rails raises up the voices of those living in extreme poverty, promotes their basic human rights, and addresses the cries of our planet. The SASV educational mission is lived among the people of São Luis as Presence, Hope, and Witness to a radical Gospel vision.
  • Former Intern Judy Padasas CCV continues to actively fight against human trafficking in the Philippines. Earlier this year she helped facilitate parish trainings with the UISG anti-trafficking group Talitha Kum, educating parishioners so that they, too, can educate and speak on human trafficking.
  • UNANIMA’s newest community, the Marist Sisters, have active missions throughout the globe. In Ireland, for example, the sisters work in primary schools putting Laudato Si’ into action, focusing on the intersections of poverty, inequality, social exclusion, and sustainability. In Italy the Marists live in Collegno, where they visit families, deliver catechesis, prepare children for the sacraments, work with parents to strengthen faith, visit the sick, and other caring home projects.