• Sister Margaret Scott ACI of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart is on the Media Subcommittee of the Philadelphia anti-human trafficking coalition, preparing for the US Democratic political party’s convention. The coalition is made up of Catholic sisters, church groups and organizations. They are putting their logo in huge letters on three central bus stops near the convention center, where they will give out information and engage visitors in discussion. The message “Stop Human Trafficking” will be up in rotating lights on a tall tower. The NUNS ON THE BUS are coming to Philadelphia during the Convention, and have been asked to do an event with the local group. The planning group has also organized visits/ training for all the hotels in Philadelphia and near the airport, with excellent results.                                      –Margaret Scott ACI
  • The Sisters of Bon Secours hired Sister Mary Beth Hamm SSJ last year as coordinator of their 6
    International JPIC Committee, with members from Ireland, France, Peru and the US (pictured). They had their first in-person meeting at the end of May, and found it energizing to meet in person for three days, getting to know one another more deeply, and sharing hopes and their commitments to JPIC. In the context of Contemplative Dialog they focused on deepening their understanding of and commitment to action on Chapter commitments: ending violence, crying out against human trafficking, promoting ecological health.  Mary Beth produces a monthly newsletter available to their membership (sisters, associates, volunteers, and colleagues) in all countries in which they minister–one means of inviting members to engage in study and concrete action on Chapter commitments.                   –Fran Gorsuch CBS
  • As part of Human Rights Week, designed and organized by the Student Committee for Human Rights at Collège Sainte-Anne de Lachine (Quebec, Canada) and the Head of the College’s Spiritual and Community Animation Department, more than 150 students, on two separate days, were introduced to negotiation through a simulation of the United Nations. Their task was to find solutions in order to end the war in Syria and carry out their obligations toward Syrian refugees. The students who took part came away with a greater awareness of the challenges involved in dialogue between nations. The activity ended with a meeting with a Syrian refugee and a Muslim who was hosting a Syrian family. Renaude Grégoire from the Sisters of Saint Anne Social Justice Office was present at this event and briefly presented the commitment of the Congregation at the United Nations with UNANIMA International.

–Renaude Gregoire

  • Asha Deep (“Light of Hope”) is a ministry of the Daughters of Wisdom and the first shelter for girls 7living on the streets of Bangalore. Presently there are 60 girls from 4-20 years old living there, receiving an education and preparing for life. The staff also visits their families to offer help and rehabilitation.