• Board Members Margaret Scott ACI and Barbara Spears SNJM attended the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Margaret stayed an extra week to work 5on her doctoral thesis, which is
    related to NGOs at the UN. She is pictured here in front of the UN.


  • The European region of the Notre Dame of Sion sisters are finding many ways to help refugees. They have given household items to refugee families, made contributions to a French organization (Habitat et Humanisme) and to parishes who adopt families. The contemplative community at “The Solitude” in Grand-Bourg, France welcomed an Iraqi family of four Chaldean Christians, who are now living in the former chaplain’s house. And everyone prays!


  • Sara K. Proctor DW has been involved in a project to lower barriers of access to health care, especially for migrant agricultural workers in the South Florida USA area who cannot get to clinics during the day, have little money, and no transportation. She was hired to set up, organize and run the project. The clinics are located near where the people are, the hours are evenings and weekends, and services are completely free. They provide some free medicine and always make sure the patient has the capacity to pay for other medicine. In the 16 years of the project they have added specialty services, and their data shows they have saved the health care system over $100,000 per year by keeping patients out of the emergency rooms and hospital.


  • Nonata Bezerra SND networked at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, and brought some new friends to the office, where we talked about the treatment of Indigenous peoples in Brazil.



“God laughs at those who complain about the consequences while cherishing the causes.”

–overheard at the United Nations