• While the United Nations Member States were preparing to attend COP21, the December Climate Change Conference in Paris, a general movement toward a collective stand on climate change was taking shape in the Congrégation de Notre-Dame. Hearing the warning call of trustworthy global voices (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, World Energy Agency, the World Health Organization) they were aware of issues like food security, access to safe drinking water, human health, the integrity of territories, the survival of populations, and the fate of women—who are largely responsible for agriculture, food, health and the development of their societies.

Their most important action was the declaration made by the Congregation’s leadership team, which was signed by about 95% of the members able to do so and the majority of associates, and then sent to the heads of states of their respective countries. This communal stand was based on the fact that the Congregation is present in some vulnerable regions of the world (Africa and Central America), and that the plight of women is one of their biggest concerns. Echoing the International Social Justice Network, they pledge “to work with others in a spirit of dialogue to safeguard the earth…promote the equitable sharing of resources, and ensure quality of life for all humanity and for all creation.”

                                                                              –Celine Beaulieu CND



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  • Many UNANIMA congregations and women / girls they recommended to us were registered by UNANIMA for CSW. See if you recognize any! Hint: they include CCV, CND, DW, NDS, OSU, RSC, SNJM, and friends of other congregations…





“They tried to bury us, but they did not know we were SEEDS!” (Berta Cásares)