• The Sustainable Development Solutions Network has launched a guide to the SDGs to help stakeholders, including national and local governments, businesses, academia and civil society, understand the 2030 Agenda, start an inclusive dialogue on SDG implementation, and prepare SDG-based national development strategies. Here is a link to the English version (translations forthcoming):


  • 4A group sisters representing 8 Congregations, including the Daughters of Wisdom, have come together in Italy in response to the question “what can Sisters around the world do in the face of the current global migration crisis?” They hope that by living in community, these religious Sisters from different Congregations will give testimony that it is possible while facing challenges ahead, to live together in diversity and create communion. This experience will require to walk on a journey of faith, reconciliation and mercy and to risk new responses to our brothers and sisters in migration.


  • When the Holy Union Sisters took a corporate stance against human trafficking, they looked for an action to engage all the active sisters and associates. Members who drive were invited to place a decal with the national anti-trafficking hotline phone number in a side or rear window of their automobile. The bright yellow round decal contains the confidential, 24/7, toll-free National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline telephone number 1-888-373-7888. What a great idea!