• Isabel Miguélez CCV is really creating her role as regional UNANIMA coordinator, by collecting reports from countries in her region (most recently Haiti, Peru, and Argentina) and sharing them with her contact list. Her regional contacts are sending her pictures and stories of injustice and justice, repression and resistance. She says that it permits people who might live in areas with less freedom of expression to share their stories with the whole continent…
  • SAMSUNGFormer Sri Lankan intern Shiroma SDS wrote us totell of the children in the homes they sponsor—many of them children left behind by mothers who must immigrate to other countries as housemaids, to support the family. The sisters care for the girls through the end of primary education. If it is not safe for the girls to go home, they stay with their “sister mothers” until they are 18, going out for jobs during the day. At the end of their time the sisters try to find them good partners and settle them in a safe place.
  • In western Canada, the Sisters of Providence of Montreal assist immigrant women and children in their WINGS Center. First founded as a crisis center, it now provides housing services and is expanding to build a “Home Next Door.”
  •  Here’s a way to raise money for the needs of young single mothers and children! The Sisters of Providence General Administration sponsors “jeans Friday”…if you want to dress down and wear blue jeans, you make a $2.00 each time for charity. The sisters raise hundreds of dollars every year, and the staff is happy!
  •   The Sisters of Saint Anne have a very active Peace and Justice Coordinator in Renaude Gregoire, who shoulrenauded get an award for her involvement in UN activities. She was present at Rio +20, and has attended most if not all of the 12 Open Working Group sessions which have followed, most of the annual meetings of the UN Commission on Social Development, and many other events. The UNANIMA staff always look forward to seeing Renaude!