Featuring the Sisters of Sion

The Sisters of Sion are an international Congregation in 22 countries around the world, both contemplative and apostolic. Whatever our ministries, we keep before the Church the awareness of God’s faithful love for the Jewish people and the biblical requirement “to do justice, to love tenderly and walk humbly with your God” Micah – 6:8.

We set out “To Heal a Fractured World”: by building bridges of understanding among Christians, Jews, Muslims and all faith traditions, by working for justice, peace and love among the peoples of the world, and by choosing life, including all creation in all that we do. In July 2010, our General Chapter focused particularly on these key directions: a call to name and stand beside both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples in their suffering; a call to be women of dialogue; and a call to stewardship as we hear the urgent “groaning of creation”.

We feature here Sion’s response to UNANIMA’S goals for the eradication of poverty in Egypt, Tunisia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Philippines, Australia, Brazil, Romania and Canada.

In Tunisia midwifery services and a nursery program, ensure a critical option for unwed mothers who can get training and a job without losing their child.

In Nicaragua, the sisters work in a poor barrio to end discrimination against women and children through many programmes educating mothers and babies, i.e., a food/nutrition programme, and a micro-financing loans programme….

The sisters in San Jose, Costa Rica (Notre Dame de Sion high school) try to combat discrimination against migrants and educate the people to make a place for the stranger in their midst and to develop awareness about the trafficking of women and children.

In Quezon Province and Manila (Philippines) the sisters support the rights of women and work to end discrimination of them through empowerment projects: self-employment via micro financing, education, housing, community development.

In the Philippines and Australia, the Sisters provide legal support and advocacy directly for those evicted from their land and in villages decimated by the mining companies. In Australia, Sion networks with ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans) and other NGOs.

In the north east (of Brazil), in Santo Amaro, we support women and children by basic health education.

In Salvador, NDS has programs of education, music, and drama for children living in extreme poverty where prostitution and abuse is the norm. This program has been selected for an exchange with a similar project in Angola. A Sister of Sion (third from left below) is co-director of the project.

In Romania, NDS educates mothers and children in a kindergarten program and supports and educates Roma children.

In Winnipeg, (Canada) our sisters work with inner-city First Nations young people in alternative education, employment, recreation and community development programs, services and support. Especially hopeful is the strong collaboration with SEY-CO – Sexually Exploited Youth-Coalition Organization where local agencies develop programmes and support services for those seeking ways out of exploitation, poverty, abuse and discrimination.

In Saskatoon and Toronto, sisters are speaking out, fundraising and doing educational awareness along with various Diocesan and Civic organizations working to STOP THE DEMAND, and support care for the environment especially Water – Basic Right for All. They are advocating against mining companies and governments proposals of global nuclear waste storage sites on aboriginal lands.