Featuring the Salvatorian Sisters

This is the fourth in our ongoing series featuring UNANIMA member congregations.

The Sisters of the Divine Savior (commonly called the Salvatorian Sisters) are one of the newer members of UNANIMA, having become a member of UNANIMA in October 2009. The Salvatorian Sisters have about 1200 sisters in 28 countries on five continents. Their mission is to make known the goodness and kindness of the Savior by all ways that the Spirit inspires. They work closely with the Society of the Divine Savior and International Community of the Divine Savior as the Salvatorian Family.

The Salvatorian Sisters work collaboratively on many issues including anti-human trafficking, peace and justice issues, education, and healthcare. Their membership in UNANIMA is one of these important collaborative endeavors. UNANIMA and the Salvatorian Sisters share many concerns. Examples of how the Salvatorian Sisters are working on issues such as migration and refugees, women and children, and human trafficking are highlighted below.

Sri Lanka: In 2009 the war in Sri Lanka ended allowing thousands of displaced people to leave the camps although many had no where to go. The District of Mannar/Vavunia was greatly affected by the war. Farming and fishing, the main occupations of the area, had been disrupted. Many people had not been able to live in their homes. These people have experienced the insecurity, hunger, health and sanitary problems and all around deprivation. Salvatorian Sri Lankan Sisters work with those in need.

There were large numbers of children who had lost one or both parents as well as their educational opportunity. The Salvatorian Sisters decided to open a home for 25 of these homeless and/or parentless children to provide better living and educational facilities for them. This helps them to see their future life with hope. At this time the sisters are building a house while living in huts with the children.

Philippines: In the Philippines, the Salvatorian Pastoral Care for Children (a parish based child protection project established by the Sisters of the Divine Savior) spearheaded the Second National Congress of Child Rights Advocates from October 26 to 28, 2010. With its theme, “Child Rights Advocates; as God’s steward of children this gathering showcased the love and concern for children. It also deepened the sharing of skills and common experiences in the pastoral mission of promoting and upholding the rights of children, especially those who have been neglected, maltreated and exploited.  Known for its innumerable cases of human trafficking and child labor, parishes in the Philippines have seen a new hope in the development of child protection volunteers who are leading in the pastoral response to address these issues.

United States: The Salvatorian Sisters adopted the issue of anti-trafficking at their 2001 General Chapter. This established a commitment to work on behalf of women and children who have been or are at risk of being abused, exploited, and/or trafficked. Since 2003, the USA Province has produced and sponsored the Stop Trafficking E-Newsletter, hosted an active international website, and has provided outreach and training to over 10,000 people through seminars and trainings.