Featuring the Brigidines

This is the third in our ongoing series featuring UNANIMA member congregations.Thanks to Mary Patricia Mulhall, CSB, UNANIMA Board member for her introduction to her congregation.

Children of Chernoble at Brigid’s Well in Kildare

Brigidines are committed to live in a spirit of right relationship with the sacred community of planet Earth and be a prophetic voice in solidarity with the oppressed.

In the spirit of Brigid and her monastic tradition, the congregation has centres of spirituality to provide hospitality, healing, compassion, hope and healing for all. The plight of those living in poverty and oppression, particularly women and children, including refugees and migrants as well as our environment, are issues of social and ecological justice that are of concern to us.

Refugee Sunday

Today we are working in formal and informal ways as advocates of people who are marginalized – Asylum-seekers, Refugees, Migrants, Travellers, Aborigines – and as contributors to policy and structural change through Justice Committees and Peace and Justice Networks.

Across the Congregation we have given attention to the needs of refugees and asylum seekers. Controversy about the treatment of asylum seekers has led to a deeper commitment to this global concern. In Australia, Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project aims to:

  • provide hospitality and practical support for asylum seekers
  • actively network with like-minded individuals and groups who are working for justice for asylum seekers
  • promote advocacy for the rights of asylum seekers

The congregation takes a corporate stand on two major social justice issues:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Water

We are against the trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation and the Demand that drives it.

We hold Water as a sacred gift of all life and believe that the access to clean water and sanitation is a basic human right.

Brigidines are in coalition with other congregations in trying to combat the slavery of human trafficking. Besides being a member of UNANIMA they also participate in other coalitions working to end trafficking: ACRATHAct to Prevent Trafficking IrelandMedaille Trust UK and Ruhama Ireland.

On Water – sacred gift of life – we support policies that promote and ensure access to safe water as a human right and we oppose the privatisation of water as we believe water is earth’s gift and therefore it is our common heritage.

Climate Change lobby in London

Brigidine Cosmology and Care for the Earth groups offer a range of inservices, seminars and festivals. Access to programmes are available through EarthSong – a project sponsored by religious congregations, including Brigidines in Victoria Australia.

Brigidines also hold an annual Symposium and other sessions on ecology and environment at the Kildara Centre.