Featured UNANIMA International Community

The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Cabrini Sisters) of the Stella Maris Province have been members of UNANIMA International for the past 10 years. Our eighty six sisters along with our collaborators have ministries in the United States, Swaziland (South Africa), the Philippines and Australia. The year 2011 was designated by the province as the “Year of the Immigrant.” The province celebrated with key note speakers at our major gatherings as well as advocacy actions.

Our USA missions are comprised of two high schools (New Orleans, New York City) and a college in Radnor, PA.  There are three shrines dedicated to Mother Cabrini in NYC, Chicago and Colorado. There is a retreat center in Illinois and two nursing homes in NYC and Westchester, NY, that include immigrant outreach centers, senior day centers, a home care agency and HUD housing.  Our volunteers groups (Cabrini Mission Corps, Cabrini Lay Missioners and Cabrini Collaborators) assist us in all these missions.

Our mission in Swaziland, Africa (Cabrini Ministries) has developed significantly since our arrival in 1971. Presently the mission cares for HIV/AIDs patients both at the center as well as a home based program. Services include the care and education of orphans and vulnerable children, health care and food for the elderly and HIV patients. They have developed water and farming programs and are always exploring new ways to bring basic needs to the people.

Since 1993 our sisters and volunteers have supported an NGO in the Philippines called Save Our School Children Foundation. Our sisters and volunteers participate in the daily programs, contribute financial support and are members of the NGO board. The sisters also support young women students by offering housing and community.

Cabrini Health in Australia was started in 1948 and has grown to include two acute care hospitals, a rehabilitation hospital, a palliative care center and a residential home. Cabrini Health has an extensive outreach program involving the employees with activities throughout the country and in neighboring islands. Cabrini Health supports our ministry in the Philippines and Swaziland.

In addition to the Stella Maris Province, our Institute has provinces in Italy and Brazil, three regions in Argentina/Paraguay, Central America and Western Europe and a mission in Ethiopia.