Ensuring Migrants are Not Left Behind

With the increasing number of horrible tales from around the world about migrants dying–in boats, on foot, and in detention–it is important that they are not forgotten as we move forward with the SDGs and development agenda. UNANIMA belongs to the NGO Committee on Migration, which educates and advocates at UN events and commissions around the world on behalf of migrants. In New York, the Committee has written a number of position papers detailing the urgency of migrant crises globally, including papers on Unaccompanied Child Migrants, Syrian Refugee Children and Education, Migrant Deaths in the Mediterranean, Protection at Sea, and many more. These papers circulate at the UN in both NY and in Geneva. In October, the Global Forum on Migration and Development takes place in Turkey. The Committee will have a large presence there, circulating its position papers, speaking on the floor, and networking with governments and international NGOs. If we can strengthen partnerships we can help end the human rights violations migrants endure. For more information on the NGO Committee on Migration, visit or email [email protected]                                  –By Tori Larson