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What is more basic than food? Continuing our closer look at the “Sustainable Development Goals” for which we will be lobbying as the post-Rio process gets going this spring: one is to Assure Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture. If done sustainably, agriculture and fishing can support all humans on the earth. But right now, soils, water, forests and oceans are being rapidly degraded–and climate change is putting even more pressure on agriculture. Add to these factors food waste, pests, overuse of chemicals, loss of heritage seeds and biodiversity (since 1900, 75% of crop diversity has been lost) the outlook is bleak. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has instituted a Zero Hunger Challenge, inviting nations to create a future where no one goes hungry. Check the website for Rio + 20 The Future We Want on “Food” for some interesting facts on food security. It will make you appreciate your supper!  UNANIMA has joined a new NGO group that is studying “land grabbing.”