Education Section

Last month we promised to add a little “education section” where we can briefly describe each of the areas proposed for our own “UNANIMA Sustainable Development Goals” for which we will be lobbying. The first and perhaps most basic is the creation of a Social Protection Floor (SPF), a global social policy approach that helps countries ensure access to essential social services and income for all. The SPF includes universal access to essential services (e.g. health, education, housing, water and sanitation) and cash or in-kind “social transfers” to ensure income and food security. (Rio+20, paragraph 107) Michelle Bachelet (Director of UN Women) said that we need “a new paradigm that puts human beings at the center of development” and that “…fully taking into account the social dimension of sustainability is…the only way we will successfully achieve sustainable development. Social policies are empowerment tools (that give people) the opportunity to use their full potential.”

Rio de Janeiro, 18 June 2012.