Daughters of Wisdom Celebrate 20 Years of Housing the Homeless

Jean Quinn, DW founded Sophia Housing in 1997 as a national organization which cares and supports people with complex mental health and addiction needs who are homeless.

Denis Doherty, Chairperson of Sophia Housing, said “Twenty years after Jean’s vision and leadership established an organization that not only sought to respond to people’s housing needs, but also sought to create an innovative model of care for those experiencing homelessness, we are fortunate that Jean still continues to serve on the Board of Directors.”

On a recent visit to Ireland, Fran Gorsuch, Chairperson of UNANIMA International Board, had the opportunity to visit Sophia and to learn about its collaboration with the Religious of Ireland in tackling the issues of homelessness. She said she was impressed at the level of support Sophia gave to its residents, especially families and men coming out of prison.