Daily Report from Bonn: Thursday, 10 June 2010

Yesterday, the SBSTA closed with a terribly disappointing lack of conclusion in regards to the technical paper requested by AOSIS analyzing the options for limiting global average temperature increase to below 1.5 degrees C and 2 degrees C. These, might I remind you, are the minimums to enable the survival of entire nations. Several parties lamented that agreement could not be reached, and urged others to keep this in consideration for the next session.

A similar sentiment came from Yvo de Boer at the outgoing Executive Secretary’s briefing of Civil Society. De Boer emphasized that current targets offered by industrialized countries for 2020 are not good enough to get us into the 25-40% emission reduction range. Furthermore, global action is not enough to get us to peaking of emissions in the next 10 years, which is preferable in stemming global warming. Ultimately, De Boer does not think much will change before Cancun. He did, however, remind us that the journey is much longer. Progress has been made in translating “number” commitments into QELROs for viewing in a more coherent way, and the US has also been included in these new tables. De Boer urged Civil Society members to become well-informed over the coming months for the larger work ahead.

Today, we’ve reached the closing plenaries of the AWG-LCA 10 and AWG-KP 12. Both plenaries have been delayed due to a grave matter that occurred yesterday, in which a nation’s name badge was vandalized and its flag mishandled. Earlier this week, this nation was under much criticism for blocking several important measures in opposition to the motives of other parties and members of Civil Society. Observing the special attention given to this issue in the AWG-LCA, I was reminded of how unique the United Nations is as a equitable space for discussion. I was shocked and saddened to learn of these disrespectful actions. The bureau is launching an official investigation and reporting on results at the next session.

Meanwhile, reporting live from the Hotel Maritim, we await the plenaries to reconvene in an hour. I aim to bring you their conclusions tomorrow morning, as well as some personal reflections about my experience.

Your reporter in Bonn,
Jessica Chen, Program Coordinator