18th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development
3-14 May 2010

UNANIMA International is actively preparing its participation in this commission which focuses on the issues of mining, chemicals, transport, waste management and sustainable patterns of consumption and production.

On May 4, from 6:15-7:45 pm we will present an educational event “Land Yes! Dams No! – Building Cycles of Mobilisation”.  The event focuses on two cases of efforts to build dams to benefit mining industries. One took place in Guatemala and resulted in a massacre of an indigenous community.  Mary Corbett, CND, will share the story and also explain how accompaniment of the remnant from the community enabled their story to have an impact in the fight for human rights of indigenous peoples throughout the world. The second case is taking place in the countryside outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil and the community there is still successfully resisting the building of a dam which will destroy their livelihoods for the benefit of an aluminium mine. The third element of the cycle will be presented by an environmental lawyer who will explain how international laws, treaties and conventions can be used as instruments to defend the rights of those whose lands and livelihoods are being threatened.

UNANIMA is also involved in organizing a second educational event “Mining in Peru, Indonesia, Philippines and Bolivia: Calling for Free, Prior and Informed Consent.” Mary Corbett, a member of the NGO working group on mining has also been working on this event.

We will have a delegation of ten persons from Canada and the United States participating in this session. We have prepared and will present an educational flyer for our nascent water campaign. The flyer emphasizes that “Access to life-giving water is an essential right for all life forms and the foundation for sustainable development in transport, chemicals, waste management, mining, and patterns of consumption and production.” Download the flyer.

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