Conference in Montreal

Thanks to former UI Coordinator Catherine Ferguson, her staff, and a hard-working team of Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJMs), on July 19 UNANIMA got to speak not only to a live Canadian audience, but to UNANIMA sisters and associates all montrealover the world. Our host community also provided simultaneous translation into French. Calls came in from Canada, Brazil, Lesotho, the USA, and other sites, showing how connected we all are, especially through the power of technology and “live streaming.” Three UI communities were present in the audience of 60—the SNJMs, the Sisters of Saint Anne, and the Religious of Jesus and Mary. Other communities called in to tell us they were listening, among them Holy Union sisters and Sisters of Providence.

Coordinator Michele Morek reported on UNANIMA activities of the past year, (picture) and described the current United Nations work in developing the Sustainable Development Goals and working toward a post-2015 agenda when the Millennium Development Goals time frame expires. Her power point presentation (in English and French) can be found on the UNANIMA website under the What We Do section.