Community News Flashes

  • The American Province of the Holy Child sisters has been having area meetings on the subject of trafficking. In preparation for the Super Bowl, they are planning to go to hotels and train the cleaning staff and others on how to recognize trafficking victims.
  • In the Cameroon, there is similar activity, where Holy Union sisters are attending workshops, preparing to educate parents and villagers about human trafficking, especially of children—stressing the importance of sending children to secondary school in reducing trafficking!
  • Isabel Miguélez CCV of Venezuela is organizing a regional networking group in her area, joining Ida Barion CCV of Brazil and Cova Orejas CCV of Gabon.  Way to go, Southern Hemisphere!  Thanks, Carmelites of Vedruna!
  • It’s a small world: even in the geographic center of the USA, the Ursuline Sisters are helping displaced Hispanic, African, and Burmese children in Kentucky after- school programs, and assisting an immigration lawyer in Kansas.