Community News

  • The Holy Union Sisters’ American Province intranet is regularly used to transmit items about pending and current legislation, alerts, and general information about topics closely allied with UNANIMA goals: International Women’s Day/Month, Violence Against Women Act; World Water Day, Farming; Immigration Reform, Dream Act.
  • Claudette Darisse SASV of the Soeurs de l’Assomption de Saint Vierge went to great lengths to get her parish priest to put something in the bulletin or to make an announcement  in church about the January 11th Day of Prayer to End Slavery / Trafficking – all unsuccessfully. But as she was talking over her failure with some women of the parish, she was overheard by some interested teenagers. We don’t know which words will be heard, and we don’t know who will hear them…so just keep talking, Sisters!
  • The Sisters of Providence in Canada and the American Northwest involve their elderly and retired sisters in their anti-trafficking, reconciliation / restorative justice and JPIC consciousness- raising campaigns through prayer vigils in their infirmary chapels, the sisters’ letter-writing advocacy to government officials, personal correspondence to prisoners, and in the preparation of their IJPC newsletter mailings.
  • The Sisters of Saint Anne report that there is going to be a conference on human trafficking in Montreal. A high-ranking minister from Quebec and the UN Special Rapporteur on Migrants will be in attendance, and it will be recorded. Contact Lucille Goulet if you want to know more.
  • Several Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary are in ministry at Holy Names Academy (HNA) in Seattle Washington. On a trip to a girls’ school in Mombasa, Kenya, Sister Charlyne Brown became passionately aware of their need for clean water, and came home to inspire the school to take on a project of raising money for a well near a girl’s boarding school in Giriama, Kenya. As of December 2012, the greater HNA community had raised about $31,000…the students alone have raised more than $8,000!