Community News

  • RJMs in Syria write:  As you well know, the situation in the country is extremely dangerous. There seems to be little hope of an end to the violence and there is great suffering on the part of ordinary families, many of whom are innocent victims of a conflict they do not want. There are two RJM houses in the country: one in Damascus and one in Aleppo.  The winter in Syria is the worst for over 20 years and the people are in desperate need of many basic things.  Please pray for them since the sanctions imposed on Syria by most of the world have meant that no aid money can enter the country directly.
  • The MSC (Cabrini Sisters) Stella Maris Province has an Action and Advocacy Coalition that focuses on immigration and trafficking. They had a training course in trafficking issues presented by Covenant House in New York City and participated in a lobbying event at the state capital.  They are helping Truckers Against Trafficking circulate an anti-trafficking training video, by contacting trucking firms in areas they serve, requesting that they show the video and circulate pocket size cards with a hotline number to all their employees.
  • Sister Stella Storch, who served on the UNANIMA Board for six years and is the Justice, Peace, Ecology Minister for the Sisters of St. Agnes, has announced that she will retire by June, 2013.  Sister Stella has spread the message of trafficking throughout Wisconsin towns and church communities, all the way to the Bishop’s office! She kept up an active Listserv / e-mail ministry on peace and justice issues, promoting letter writing and other legislative interventions.

  • Thanks to the Brigidines and the African and European provinces of the Holy Child sisters, for a special contribution to the Ghana project!