Commission on Sustainable Development

For those who are waiting to register for the 20th session of CSD (this summer was supposed to be the last one) …remember that Rio promised to “establish a universal intergovernmental high-level political forum, building on the strengths, experiences, resources & inclusive modalities of the Commission on Sustainable Development, and subsequently replacing the Commission…”       The Future We Want, paragraph 84.

Nobody knows what that “high level political forum” will look like, but there is still no information available about the CSD provisionally set to meet this May. At a meeting attended by some NGOs this week it was repeated that the Commission is being replaced by the High Level Political Forum, and that decisions on format, structure and participants are to be completed by May 2013. It is probable that the CSD will meet just long enough to disband itself, so you might as well unpack those bags…sorry!          –researched by Celia Martin NDS