Climate Summit

Jan2Speaking of Peru (see earlier update!), there was an important UN Climate Summit held in Lima in early December. Ironically, according to an article by the environment editor of a Lima paper, the summit had the biggest carbon footprint of any of the 20 summits preceding it. They were unable to hook into the city power grid (fed by efficient hydroelectric plants) and had to transport the delegates in old diesel buses. Though some called the results “weak” the 11,000 participants did manage to hammer out the basis for an agreement to be completed in Paris in late 2015. The best news is that this is the first time in history that all nations agreed to begin reducing carbon emissions. Meanwhile, in downtown Lima, there was a Climate March of 6-8,000 people, mostly from rural communities—some coming 30 hours on a bus from other countries. They carried signs defining many issues —water, mining, logging, and violence against women. The picture shows an interfaith vigil.