Climate Change News

You will be hearing more and more about climate change as we approach the UN Climate Change Summit in Paris this December. We are very interested in this, since women and children suffer the most from the effects of climate change; for many women of the southern hemisphere, it is literally a matter of life and death.  And, who knows, perhaps it is women who hold the answers for moving on. Mary Robinson of the Foundation for Climate Change (and the former President of Ireland) says that the climate world is still a masculine world using a scientific / environmental approach, but now people are beginning to realize the relationship between climate change and development, women, and human rights. UN Women says that climate action and the women rights agenda are yoked together. There are 50 decisions / mandates in the Climate negotiations that call for female equality; after all, women are probably the most important factor in implementation.


Coming out of the Climate meeting in Lima, Peru last December, the language on human rights was weak, but it improved as it went through the Geneva meeting. Ms. Robinson hopes that the celebration of Human Rights Day on 29 December will encourage the inclusion of human rights language in the Climate Change document. Climate change has been called the most serious human rights threat of this century!