Climate Change : Migration

In May, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) held a briefing on Migration, Environment & Climate Change. The rights of migrants were integrated into the Paris climate change agreement in the preamble. There is no legal definition for “climate / environmental refugee” (did you know that?) so they are using the term “human mobility.”  Looking at climate change through the concept of human mobility focuses on people and their rights, helps governments understand how climate change increases vulnerabilities, and suggests ways to change it.


IOM has created a Geneva-based Migration, Environment and Climate Change Division (MECC). Excellent publications from MECC and IOM can be found at their sites on the internet, and there is information and resources in English, French and Spanish at

The Atlas of Environmental Migration is also an excellent resource – Right now it is available in French, at –   It will be available in English in June.

–Ces Martin, NDS