Climate Change

On 25 November, Mark Lynas of the UK Guardian reported:

With only days to go before the start of the next big round of climate change talks in Durban, South Africa, the stage is now set for a titanic clash between nations battling it out over the shape of any new UN global warming treaty.

The stakes could not be higher. Scientists say that the window for keeping the world’s temperature rise within a tolerable 2C limit is closing rapidly, yet despite the recession, global carbon dioxide emissions rose by a record-breaking amount last year. For the climate negotiations to have any impact, countries must converge quickly on an agreement to peak and reduce global emissions – within the next few years at the latest.

It is clear that without the protection of binding international environmental law, the less powerful know they will surely lose. This conference is about negotiating such binding international law.

UNANIMA will be represented in Durban by a four-person delegation:  Holy Names Sisters Eugenia Masheane and Josephine Mohlimo, and Council of Canadians members Brent Patterson and Andrea Harden.  We look forward to hearing their reports in the next month’s Updates.