Campaign Against Xenophobia Now on Motion

At the UN High-level Summit on refugees and migrants that took place in September 2016, the UN launched the TOGETHER campaign against xenophobia and for social inclusion of all migrant populations. The campaign seeks to engage all UN agencies and Member States as well as all factions of civil society in a concerted effort to address discrimination against migrants by promoting “respect, safety and dignity for everyone forced to flee their homes in search of a better life.” The campaign differ greatly from an intergovernmental treaty, agreement, or political declaration, in that it aims to foment social change by sowing seeds of tolerance and cross-cultural contact and appreciation through community-based projects initiated and executed by schools, religious communities, and other local groups. This approach demonstrates an understanding on the part of the UN system that social change and development are bottom-up processes that may be given a grand stage on the global level but are achieved at the local level through local ownership. One way the UN is attempting to facilitate this wave of unified grassroots activism is by managing an online platform for storytelling. This website allows those working to promote solidarity and eradicate xenophobia in their communities to share their processes and successes and to shed light on the positive contributions of migrants and refugees to their communities. If you are seeking inspiration from everyday triumphs of human solidarity, visit the Join Together online publication page. If you have any stories to share with others in the global community who may be contemplating joining or starting an initiative of their own, you can submit one to [email protected] or post one on your social media pages using the hashtag #jointogether. If you do decide to share a story, be sure to call our attention to it by writing to us at [email protected].