Cabrini Grants


In the May Update we were able to invite applications for small grants to help fund anti-trafficking projects, thanks to a donation by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Donations have been made in the name of UNANIMA to these two projects:

cabriniOne contribution will aid the Vedruna Carmelite Sisters of Charity in India in their project to empower Devadasis women (picture) and children. Devadasi is an antiquated system in which girls are “married” to a deity or a temple. This union leads to forced prostitution and other degrading and unacceptable human rights violations. The grant will support the Sisters’ work in education and other preventative measures. Social worker / nurse Sister Annammal Anthony wrote the grant, as the local monitor of the project. We wish the sisters well with this empowering project.


The other contribution went to Dialogue for Development, an organization in Zambia with whom the Religious Sisters of Charitycabrini2 work closely. Zambia is plagued with networks of internal and external trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation and other forms of labor.  Dialogue for Development will use the grant in educating community and church leaders in the dangers and prevention of human rights violations, namely human trafficking, child abuse, and domestic violence. Sister Kayula Gertrude Lesa wrote this grant, as Programme Manager. It is an honor for UNANIMA to help support such worthy and important projects, thanks to the Cabrini Sisters.