Board Planning Process

With the help of facilitators Rosalie McDermott and Mary Anne O’Hara (pictured on the next page), the UNANIMA board discussed these and other points at its spring meeting in March:

  • What kind of directory would be useful for UI members?
  • What did the survey tell us? (this will be shared in the May Update)
  • Quality of connection/communication among UI members
  • Listening to new voices of people involved in UI’s mission, and developing relationships
  • Design and content of an effective website
  • How to enrich and be enriched by the Internship program
  • The UI mission, and response to urgent issues

In addition to many practical suggestions and priorities in those areas for UI staff, the board decided to look at the UI mission through a new “lens”—NOT to change the mission or its component parts, but to reflect on it through a different perspective.  After Rio+20, the UN has been preoccupied with the “post 2015 development agenda” (i.e. what happens to the Millennium Development Goals after 2015?). World attention has been focused on the creation of Sustainable Development Goals. UN member states are making commitments to maintain the integrity of the world and its resources, and talking about the issue of “sustainable consumption.” Conscious of these facts, and the vulnerability of migrants fleeing effects of climate change; the continued need of women and children to gain access to resources like food and water; and the exemplary work of our Canadian UNANIMA “Sustainability Study Group,” the board crafted the response below. We will be examining this statement and its implications for us…

“The reality of climate change and its devastating effects heightens our need to reexamine its impact on the vulnerable. Our mission impels us to respond to Rio+20’s call for sustainable development and engage the grassroots with the UN to work on the global crisis that threatens the quality of life for all.”