Advocating for access to clean water as a human right

In an effort to strengthen the effectiveness on its work on water UNANIMA International is partnering with the Blue Planet Project and the Council of Canadians to encourage the UN General Assembly to pass a United Nations Resolution acknowledging that access to clean water is a human right.  We were able to spearhead the submission of an NGO letter in support of the resolution which ensured that the various government representatives would know that this is an issue of great importance to NGOs throughout the world.

The Blue Planet project headed by Anil Naidoo, describes itself as “a global initiative to achieve the goal of water justice now.  Water justice is based on the right to water and on the principles that water is a public trust and part of the global commons.” Through UNANIMA International’s status at the UN, organizations affiliated with the project as well as ourselves are able to be present at sessions to ensure a greater focus on water as a cross-cutting issue and a human right.  Learn more about the Blue Planet Project at their website.