A Year for Migration

As a result of global refugee crises, 2015 brought many important discussions regarding migration. Perhaps most significantly, 3migration was discussed in all arenas—political, social, economic, and so forth—rather than only within one isolated section of society. At the UN, member states discussed the influences of war and terrorism, climate change, and poverty, on migration. This fall, the NGO Committee on Migration took a leading role in the planning Civil Society engagement at the Global Forum on Migration and Development. This international event, this year in Istanbul, is a cross-cutting dialogue that examines migration and development as crucial partners in the current global reality. The NGO Committee on Migration has been collaborating with other organizations more frequently, such as the NGO Committee on Human Rights, and the NGO Committee on Aging, to recognize the overlapping interests. Migration is a human rights issue, and all those involved in human rights advocacy must address migration head on. The global significance of migration was further recognized when Time Magazine named Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, as their Person of the Year. Merkel fearlessly led Germany in welcoming millions of Syrian refugees, “as casualties of radical Islamist savagery, not carriers of it.” ( We are inspired by the cross-cutting approach to migration taken by the UN, NGO Committee on Migration, and Merkel in 2015, and look forward to continuing the fight for migrant human rights in 2016 and beyond.