A Win Against the Exploitation of Women

The recent vote of the French National Assembly was a new victory for humanist and feminist associations. By adopting a law aiming to reinforce the fight against the system of prostitution and to support persons in prostitution, France reaffirmed essential values for equality between women and men, dignity and solidarity, and positioned itself on the side of prostituted persons, by recognizing the system which exploits them as a form of violence and an obstacle to human dignity.

After Sweden, Norway and Iceland, France commits to abolitionism, an approach which aims to change ideas about prostitution and end this form of violence. The French law includes a series of measures: support and protect prostituted persons and abolish any form of repression against them; criminalize all forms of pimping, trafficking, and the purchase of sex; develop real alternatives and exit strategies for prostituted persons and prevent prostitution through education and awareness raising. In the Nordic nations that have tried this approach, the incidence of trafficking has decreased.