A New Face at UNANIMA

Our long-awaited fall intern had many visa delays–and tried to leave Australia on the day of the New York hurricane! But here she is: Celia Martin, a native New Zealander with the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion in Australia. In her own words:

“Having completed my first week as an intern with UNANIMA, I sit with many questions to reflect on – one being how to identify what processes might work best at the global advocacy level as a resource for grassroots community building initiatives happening on the ground. I sense the starting point needs to be with what’s happening on the ground and the need for close connectedness and ongoing communication about the realities, issues and activities being undertaken that can then be used to influence policy-makers and governmental systems. I also sense a strong connectedness and collaborativeness across religious at the UN in their attempt to influence UN policymakers.”

Celia Martin NDS and UNANIMA Executive Assistant Morgan Jue