For Travelers

If you are a frequent, or curious traveler, and would like to check things out the socio-environment ahead of time, there is a free app called GeoSure that the UI staff has checked, and we like it! Geosure is a global information firm which provides critical decision support to travelers, by measuring personalized “threat temperature” capability for anyone, anytime, anywhere. It relies on updating by on-the-ground people as they experience the area (“crowd sourcing”). The app provides a simple, fast and accurate way for users to gauge the existing level of vulnerability to threats of physical harm, theft, political abuse, and health related risks at home or in unfamiliar destinations anywhere in the world, down to the street level, real-time. It is especially useful to women, families, and human rights organizations, worldwide. It is available free in the Apple App Store, and will soon be adapted for Android systems.