Open Working Group News

1 June 2014

In spite of the best efforts of Co-Chairs Kenyan Ambassador Kamau and Hungarian Ambassador Körösi there are still 17 “Focus Areas” in the document that is leading to a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with two more sessions to go. There was a rumor that NGOs were going to be shut out of the […]

Open Working Group News

1 April 2014

The OWG is a key process for the follow-up of the outcome of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012 (Rio+20). We are now in the second phase of the process; in five one-week sessions the governments will negotiate the formation of the SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals. From input to date, the co-chairs […]

Sustainable Development Goals

8 January 2014

The UN General Assembly’s Open Working Group (OWG) on SDGs was mandated by Member States at Rio+20 to propose a set of sustainable development goals (SDGs) by September 2014. The Sixth Session of the OWG in December considered how the SDGs can be implemented (technology, knowledge sharing, the formation of global partnerships); the needs of countries in […]